Interesting couple of days at the “Open Innovation Research Forum” convened by Tim Minshall and hosted by the IfM, part of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.  This Forum, of members drawn by invitation from both industry and academia, was convened to explore new research topics in Open Innovation and to create new networks of activity.  Excellent interplay between industrial interests and academic insights.

As it happens I’ve also been working across the Engineering Department to help them develop and launch their new research theme and initiative to optimise their research practices to make their work more immediately accessible, useful and applicable to industry.  So this Forum was a good example of the theme in action.

Tim and his team managed an excellent process to focus in on the needs and questions from industry (the first day) and to articulate research experience and interests (second day) to arrive at a series of candidate research projects pulling together teams from across the world.  The candidate projects were articulated in terms of the aims and objectives, the methodology and design and the interested parties.  To my mind most interesting of the projects are:

  • Open Innovation for corporate growth and renewal
  • Open Innovation best practice in new and emerging markets
  • Factors influencing how open innovation is implemented (comparing the dynamics, tempo and structure of different sectors)
  • Leadership in open innovation

Next steps are to complete the definition of the research proposals and to find sponsors (so, if you’re interested in the topics  please contact me or Tim Minshall)