Back to basics

April 19, 2012

Well, yes. I know how to breathe.  But my wife, a singer, takes lessons and breathes better.  I know how to drive – but it’s a while since I had a lesson.  And I know how to write (it’s core to my work, innit?) – but my last lesson was a few decades ago.  Until today.


Really enjoyed an excellent day’s training from Neil Taylor of TheWriter ( on business writing; “The Writer’s Secrets”.  It’s a good mix of structure and method, example and practice. And Neil’s a good trainer – inspirational, insightful and flexible.  I learned a lot from the others on the course as well.


The big takeaway for me was to let your opinion show – it somehow brings the writing to life (and I found it makes writing easier).  There were lots of other useful tips – but that was the big one.


And I find myself noticing much more of the writing about me – the good, the bad and the thoroughly indifferent.


So, if it’s a while since you had a lesson in anything, and if your writing’s become a bit of a chore then this one might be for you.  I recommend it.