e-Go flies!

October 30, 2013

This morning I went to Norfolk Gliding Club to see the first public flight of the e-Go light aircraft, the brainchild of Tony Bishop and Giotto Castelli.    I’ve known Tony for years and watched the project unfolding and it was great to see such a milestone.  It’s been fascinating to watch three elements of the project in action.

The project has attracted immense amounts of goodwill, hard work and engineering endeavoure-Go profile from so many people, many working simply for the fun of helping bring a vision to life.  And Tony and Giotto have maintained the vision through consistently wonderful use of computer graphics, simulations and prototypes.  There has never been anything ‘abstract’ about the e-Go.  Tony has had fully rendered computer graphics from day one.

Which brings me to the second thing – ‘product integrity’.  Tony has always envisaged a clean and beautifully designed product, sparse graphics and a totally consistent experience for partners and customers; professional and of the utmost quality.  His stand at AeroExpo followed this philosophy and on today’s cold and windy airfield all the e-Go team were dressed uniformly, neat and cool.

And the final element I’ve watched throughout has been the use of simulation.  The aircraft dynamics were simulated during development.  This computer model then underpinned the flight simulator.  Which was used during the development of the ‘glass cockpit’ for early user feedback.  And the flight simulator enables customers to experience the sports performance of the plane and build familiarity with its dynamics.  Today, Tony told me that the real aircraft matches the simulator characteristics to an uncanny degree.

So, a fascinating project and a great achievement – as much in how it’s being done as the fact it’s being done at all.

See their site at www.e-goaeroplanes.com/

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