Technology Venturing Forum

September 30, 2017

TVFAn interesting couple of days this week at the Technology Venturing Forum in Cambridge (  This is developing into a very promising community for leading edge thinking about new ventures in all their forms in an ever more digital world.  I presented my thinking on the increasing sophistication of academic engagement with industry, the emerging role of the post-doc and the move from relationships between companies and universities to relationships between ecosystems. Others covered IP, corporate venturing, business models, open innovation and tools to explore the innovation space.  Usefully, it was all firmly grounded in pragmatic reality and experience.


I’ve been enjoying Neil Crompton’s wonderful commentary on the V8 Supercar series (for years now).

Fascinating to see how, by knowing what to look for, he spots and comments on minutia that presage unfolding events.  This from his experience driving as well as commentating.

Multiplies my enjoyment by orders of magnitude.

And just one specific instance of a general truth.

Frank Pick

September 1, 2017

The other day, I dropped by Piccadilly Underground Station specifically to see the Frank Pick memorial.  These words were found in his manuscript notes for (a talk to?) to Workers’ Guild in 1917.

Sentiment (170901)

And I couldn’t have phrased better the summary description of how the initiatives of this remarkable man seem to me to have been years ahead of his time – see below.

Plaque (170901)


I find Pick’s sentiments thought provoking, and I have to wonder what he meant by “<”; simple inequality or something more profound?

And why didn’t he reverse the words and use “>” which would be a far more obvious sentiment?