Decades of motoring innovation at Goodwood.

November 11, 2017

Another brilliant weekend at Goodwood – wondering at intriguing solutions….

B type 50 brake 1With cable brakes it really spoils your day if, in turning the front wheels, the geometry change causes the brakes to be applied because the path length of the brake cables changes.  So you want to put a lot of effort into designing a system where the tangent of the brake cable path is always aligned with the centre line of rotation of the steering hub.  And on the 1930 Bugatti Type 50 this is achieved through an elegant little offset sprocket.

B type 50 brake 2















Have you seen all the recent hype about “augmented reality” so that manufacturers can provide service information just at the point where it’s needed by the technician doing the work? (If you haven’t seen it – this is typical:

Invicta had this cracked in 1931 with a gorgeous engraved plate mounted just where you’d need it as a reference.

AR 1931

Invicta 1931



Then there was the amazing Delage 1926 gearbox with a very unusual shift pattern – reverse is beyond 1st gear – yes, in a straight line!

Delage box


And leaping to the present, Gordon Murray’s iStream technology (which was mooted to massively reduce investment costs in manufacturing:, and was expected to appear in city cars actually appears in its first customer car – the new TVR


See also

Just a few examples from across 50 years of automotive innovation …















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